Real-life Punishment Sessions


Miss Hunter with a cane

Headmistress of Murdoch Academy, Miss A. Hunter, is a feared and respected English disciplinarian, known as much for her strength and severity as she is her sharp tongue and scolding.


Detention OptionsĀ 

  • No-nonsense punishment spanking visit to the Headmistress’ study in Central London
  • Written Lines either prior to detention date, or during the detention itself
  • Re-sit of the test that was failed, landing you in detention in the first place
  • Detention alongside a female submissive or switch
  • Mistress duo with other Disciplinarians
  • Corner time whilst Miss Hunter finishes her study business, awaiting your caning in nervous silence
  • Hand punishment with tawse or ruler
  • and so on…


Pupils are advised to email Ms Hammond-Grant, secretary to Miss Hunter, to arrange their detention with the headmistress, explaining why they are to be punished, and when they would be available to visit Miss Hunter in her Central London/ Farringdon study for their punishment.

Email (remove the spaces either side of the “@”) secretary @


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